Scene 21




Nuliajuk’s voice and speaking pattern, from Chantal, the playwright:

Someone once asked me if Nuliajuk speaks in broken English and the answer is no. The periods are there to indicate a rhythm that, in my mind, has to do with size and weight and being underwater. Although she’s a little girl, Nuliajuk is also a goddess so her presence needs to have a certain size and weight. We need to know, just through her voice, that she is powerful. She’s very precise and very thorough in how she chooses her words and enunciates them one by one, very clearly. Also, just like our movements are slowed down underwater, Nuliajuk’s rhythm is slowed down. It’s as if it takes longer for her voice to travel through water.



Nuliajuk url-1 nuliajuk_8_72_2_color url-3 995289-nuliajuk url-4 url-2

Cool video with more images and music




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