Scene 23- Sinking of the Ship

Berlin: an empty oil tanker doing a test run to see if it can actually navigate the passage. It is something like this:

Explanation of term:  “ice pilot”

The Canadian Arctic is divided into zones based on when the sea ice appears in the fall and disappears in the spring. If a vessel wants to enter a zone before or after what is determined to be the ice-free date, they have to have an ice pilot on board (meaning a pilot who is trained and has a certain number of hours of experience navigating through ice) or they have to be escorted by a Coast Guard  icebreaker. In the play, the Berlin completely by-passes that rule. So when Thomas asks if they have an ice pilot on board, he is trying to find out if there’s anyone on board who knows how to handle the Arctic environment.

For Thomas and Raphael: 
There’s only one Coast Guard station in the Eastern Canadian Arctic (maybe there’s only one for the entire Canadian Arctic but I’m not 100% sure) and it’s in Iqaluit. That’s where Thomas and Raphael are. I think the aircraft leaves from Resolute because it’s the closest settlement. The helicopter could be from Alert, a military base, but I think it’s too far so let’s say it also leaves from Resolute.

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