Sila- God of Weather



SILA – The god of the weather and of the animating life-force, frequently manifested as the winds, which were looked on as the “breathing of the world.” For this reason he was also the deity governing the breathing of humanity and  animals as well, since breath flows like wind in and out of us all. The life force was said to come from Sila and flow back into  Sila after death, and then, through the lesser deities, was eventually sent back into the world via reincarnation. Because singing, humming and tale-spinning are also done with the breath Sila was also seen as the god of songs, tales, music and other creative inspiration.

In addition it was through him that shamans ultimately derived their powers. Intuitive warnings, especially on the part of children, were said to be the whisperings of Sila. The nagging of one’s conscience was also attributed to Sila. This god was said to be always with us but always far away. In some tradiotions it is said Sila sculpted the first humans from wet sand and breathed life into them. Bad weather like wind, blizzards, etc was caused by Sila punishing humanity for violating taboos and the god would inflict disease on anyone guilty of mistreating game animals. If someone suffering from disease was appealing to Sila to heal them they would need to abandon all their earthly possessions and go off in solitude. Once possessed of nothing but their “breath soul” Sila would consider healing them.

Breath souls and the animating life force came from Sila, free souls from the goddesses Nunam, Pukimna and Sedna. In some traditions the way Sila creates snow is by whittling walrus tusks with the shavings falling as snowflakes. The rare times Sila was depicted he was clean-shaven but with long flowing hair. standing with his coat open to display his bare chest, a sign of his imperviousness to the elements he commanded.     



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